Photography and video by ©2016 Toni Avery

Pretty much any car enthusiast you ask has a dream car. As impractical and crazy expensive as it is, that’s the point of it. To dream, with the remote possibility of it ever coming to fruition. While some enthusiasts can’t stretch their wallet to accommodate the sticker price of an incredible sports car, others can’t afford the lack of space.

Cargo space and passenger room is a big deal if you’ve got a family or enjoy going on vacations with friends. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the joy of driving. The Accord Sport offers that all important cargo space plus some of that must-have driver involvement.

This Accord is equipped with a 2.4 L 4-cylinder engine producing 189 HP and 182 lb-ft of torque mated to a 6-speed manual transmission.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Accord Sport’s handling. While it’s a large car, it doesn’t drive like one, feeling very light when turning into a curve or parking spot. It handles almost like a sports car and doesn’t fight you, even on mountain roads. Most of all, it doesn’t feel like it’s driving you, it actually has a personality, which results in an engaging driving experience.

The manual transmission is very smooth, almost Mazda smooth, further adding to the enjoyable driver involvement. The brakes also provide positive stopping power when needed.

While it’s a nice handling car, it’s incredibly slow. Yes, this is not a sports car, but with only a few more horsepower than an LX, it’s just not what I’d call quick or fast. It’s pretty fun when you get it up to speed, but getting there isn’t.

The exterior of the Accord Sport features a redesigned front fascia, unique “19 inch Alloy Wheels (specific to the Sport), dual exhaust and the car is finished in San Marino Red (exclusive to the Sport).

2016 is a good year for the Accord with updated styling giving it an overall modern look. The San Marino Red paint really lets other Accord owners, or fans know that you’re driving the Sport.

Inside the Accord is an all black interior with cloth seats, carbon fiber-esc accents throughout, rearview camera, leather-wrapped steering wheel and Bluetooth.

While it looks pretty minimalistic inside the Accord, it doesn’t feel cheap. The seats are comfortable for both long distance and city driving, while it would really add to the Sport to have optional or even standard Sport specific seats. I also hoped there would be either standard navigation or satellite radio, where a number of other cars in the same price point come standard with either one or both.

There’s plenty of rear seat room and even more trunk space for an extended holiday with friends. It’s definitely a practical car with plenty of space for a growing family or just your close friends.

The 2016 Honda Accord Sport exceeded my expectations with its engaging handling, transmission, good looks and practicality.

2016 Honda Accord 4-Door Sport

Base Price: $24,165

Destination Charge: $820

Total Price: $24,985

Fuel Economy: 23 City, 34 Highway, 27 Combined 

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