GirlsDriveFastToo shares relevant automotive industry content including (but not limited to) car reviews, event coverage, track days and even racing school reviews.
There aren’t enough strong female voices in the industry and GirlsDriveFastToo strives to bring both men and women, boys and girls interesting and fun to read (or watch) content. There’s something for everyone here so take a look around and read an article or watch a review video. But most importantly, enjoy!


A little about the founder and author:

Born into the car world, Toni was introduced to cars through her dad who collected and showed concours classics. Attending her first racing school on her sixteenth birthday, to date she has completed sixteen schools with one of the most recent affording her an SCCA full competition race license.
Toni began her professional career in the automotive industry in 2011 writing for various publications at TEN (The Enthusiast Network) including European Car, while also starting her own automotive website GirlsDriveFastToo.com (with corresponding social media accounts including instagram, facebook and youtube). Her website focuses on sharing her automotive passion via car reviews, event coverage, track days and other car related stories. She has also worked on the PR side of automotive with JMPR to obtain a better understanding of the automotive industry.

Toni got in on the ground floor at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles as the only full-time female driving coach where she not only obtained world-class training in driving and right-seat coaching, but also became a Porsche Certified Driving Instructor able to handle any vehicle in their lineup. After two-and-a-half years at Porsche, Toni now wears many hats in the industry including Director of Communications at HG Trackside in addition to other automotive companies assisting in marketing and social media and is also an automotive consultant for various companies. She continues to coach on a part-time basis at the Porsche Experience Center, and also sits right seat with teen drivers for BRAKES, a teen defensive driving program that travels the country aimed at helping teens become better, safer drivers.

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  1. Hi Tori, thanks for your review of our Jet Center event 8/12. I have a couple of quick notes that I might add to your story: Our attendance has been caped at 2800 since the year 2001, so it was the same as your last visit. As for manufacturers, I actually cut them back this year, and had more privately owned cars than ever, airplanes too. Regarding the food, it was the same amount, distributed differently though, as we utilized tray passing in conjunction with stations due to prior years feedback. Thanks again, Gordon.

    • Thanks so much for reading my article! I really enjoyed the event. If there are any inaccuracies I need to change please let me know and I will. As for the food, manufacturer cars, and amount of people in attendance it was purely my perception compared to the last time I attended.

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