Photography by ©2019 Toni Avery

The Lexus LC 500 is one of those cars that I’ll talk about years from now and say, “yeah I had one for a week and it was awesome.” One of those vehicles designed for the future but destined to be a classic.

This Lexus is equipped with a 5.0 L NA V8 producing 471 HP and 398 lb-ft of torque @4800 RPM mated to a 10-speed Sport Direct Shift automatic transmission driving the rear wheels.

The LC 500 is an extremely impressive vehicle. It looks kind of futuristic from the outside, but once you press the go pedal, it’s clear what the LC is. This is a sports car designed for the guy (or girl) that doesn’t want to deal with uncomfortable tiny seats, a loud cabin or unreliable performance.

It feels lightning quick with a 0-60 MPH time of 4.4 seconds but the acceleration is pretty intense that it feels quicker as it knocks your head back into the seat. It also sounds incredible. Actually, just like the Jaguar F-Type (click here or here for my two F-Type reviews), which is a very good thing. You can definitely hear the exhaust and engine note from inside the car, but it’s not overwhelming or intrusive. (watch the video below for more)

In manual mode, the transmission is much more engaging. You can really bang out some aggressive downshifts and it reacts quicker than in standard Drive. When in manual, the transmission felt almost dual-clutch good, but when in normal drive it felt a little laggy. The various drive modes do offer some differences including exhaust noise volume, suspension and throttle response. While I tried each of the modes, I spent the most time in Sport +, for obvious reasons.

We took the LC on a long distance trip over the weekend to see what it was like on the highway. It was impressive, very comfortable and quiet. It had instant power when I needed it and cruise control made for an easy trip. The car also stops incredibly well, thanks to the six-piston monoblock aluminum calipers with 15.7” two-piece vented discs front and four-piston monoblock aluminum calipers with 14.1” two-piece ventilated discs rear. The brakes were actually touchy initially when using them, but it just takes a little time finesse and they do exactly what you ask.

I had a smile on my face the entire time I drove the car. A simple press of the accelerator and I’d giggle like a little kid.

The outside of this LC 500 is finished in Smoky Granite Mica with standard 20” 10-spoke cast alloy wheels.

As I mentioned earlier it looks sort of futuristic or just more like a concept car. There are a lot of sharp angles and points, but I like that. It looks like nothing else on the road and that’s a good thing. It’s a stunning car that makes heads turn. It’s a sports car with a luxury car twist and a rule breaker at that.

The inside of the LC 500 is covered in rich materials with Rioja Red Leather with satin metallic trim, which is such a pretty combination.

The deep red and black really add to the sports car theme while also being completely inviting. The interior space feels like it’s wrapping you up in a cocoon with the driver and passenger being in very distinct separate spaces inside the vehicle.  There isn’t a half-inch of space inside the LC that isn’t covered in something high-end and nice to touch. My only gripe is the functionality of the touch pad that controls the infotainment system. It’s so sensitive that I got frustrated navigating around. I feel that for someone who isn’t great with technology that this could be a real pain to use. But other than that, the optional Mark Levinson premium surround sound system worked great and sounded crisp and clear when playing my music.

I’m very excited to have driven the LC 500 for a week taking it long distance and around town. It was a really fun car to drive that has so much to offer.

2019 Lexus LC 500 Coupe:

Base Price: $92,200


Convenience Package – Intuitive Park Assist ($1,000), 21″ Forged Wheels ($2,650)

Head Up Display ($900), Limited Slip Differential ($390), Mark Levinson

Premium Surround Sound Audio System ($1,220), Sport Package w/ carbon roof ($2,960)

Destination Charge: $1,025

Total Price: $102,345

Fuel Economy: 16 City, 25 Highway, 19 Combined 

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