Photography by ©2016 Toni Avery

Celebrating twenty-five years of being the official kickoff party of Monterey Car Week, Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival transforms a portion of the Monterey airport into a mega party.

While in years past, the event has taken over two airplane hangers side by side, this year, only one was utilized, which caused massive amounts of guest traffic. Not only did the reduction in space cause extra tight quarters among guests, but it also gave the event a less spectacular appearance as with years past.


There also seemed to be less exotic cars than last year and less sponsors creating unique displays for guests to admire. While it’s hard to know if the guest count increased over last year, the lack of moving space caused it to seem as though it had. Being that moving room was at a premium, food didn’t seem to make it out to guests at a frequent enough basis and the food that was available just didn’t seem to match what I remember from the best year I’ve attended back in 2013.

Aside from the changes and decrease in size, Gordon McCall’s still stands out as being the official kickoff party of Monterey Car Week. I look forward to see what changes will be made from this year to 2017.