Photography by: ©2015 Toni Avery

A lot of the main events during the Monterey Car Week can be planned out well in advance with tickets or credentials. But, a good majority of last-minute invites happen the week of. This year, a good chunk of my week was spent attending parties, dinners and last-minute events I got an invite to that week. This Porsche event was no exception.

Located just down the road from the Quail: A Motorsports Gatherings, Porsche threw a party after the Quail show. I was invited as a special guest of Chad McQueen, son of actor and racer Steve McQueen. Chad is a huge Porsche guy and is very active in the car community in general. We’ve met a couple of times in the past and he was nice enough to invite me to this event. We often talk cars when we meet and the days when my grandpa photographed his dad.

Below are a few shots of two standout Porsche’s at the party in addition to what the setup looked like. Aside from the gorgeous cars, there were a few pieces from the Porsche Design store I would have loved to take home with me.

Porsche 904 GTS

Porsche GT4