Photography by: ©2014 Toni Avery & Ron Avery

The Petersen Automotive Museum is closing its doors for the next year or so for a complete and total makeover of the existing building. Of course, while construction is under way, the museums cars can’t be exposed to the harsh conditions renovations will bring.

Finding a home for all the wonderful cars that live at the Petersen isn’t easy, but finding a home for the Hollywood exhibit cars is. The Reagan Presidential Library opened its doors to the Hollywood cars of the Petersen Museum. This seems like a perfect pairing considering the two-term President and Governor of California was once an actor before making the jump into politics.

Cars were transported to the Library then airlifted via crane into their temporary home.

Leslie Kendall, Museum Curator for the Petersen, was there to observe the cars. I asked him what the Petersen will do while the doors are closed, would there be any presence during that time? Leslie said that they plan to make appearances at many events and shows during the time of the renovations.

The exhibit officially opens October 28, 2014 and closes May 1, 2015. Be sure to make the trip out to Simi Valley, CA not only to see the Hollywood cars but also some awesome artifacts and history of President Ronald Reagan. The Airforce One and Marine One exhibit, and the replica of the Oval Office used during his presidency are must-sees plus they have a nice café, it wouldn’t be hard to spend the whole day there.