Aston Martin on Ocean 2016, Monterey Car Week

Photography by ©2016 Toni Avery

Aston Martin on Ocean Aston Martin lineup

Aston Martin is the brand synonymous with James Bond and sexy styling. Last year during Monterey Car Week, Aston Martin held a special short drive featuring each car in the lineup at a stunning estate overlooking Carmel Valley.

2016 brought something new and fresh from Aston Martin in the form of a pop up storefront. Located on the same street that Concours on the Avenue was held, an alluring DB11 greeted guests at the entrance to the store.

Aston Martin on Ocean Aston Martin DB11 front

Aston Martin on Ocean Aston Martin DB11 rear

The store held much more than items for purchase. Inside was the interior designer for Aston Martin sketching away. Just a few feet away was a large clay model of a Vulcan being molded by a sculptor from Aston Martin. Around the corner, a leather embosser took small round pieces of leather in any color you chose and carefully embossed the coveted Aston Martin winged logo. It takes two minutes per piece for each to end up just right.

Aston Martin on Ocean sketching

Aston Martin on Ocean clay model

Aston Martin on Ocean leather embossed

In addition to some Q branch items for browsing were three silver Aston’s lined up at the back of the store. A DB5, DB10 and DB11. I had the privilege of sitting in the DB11 and I can tell you that no stitch or surface was left blank or beautiful without purpose.

I look forward to seeing what Aston Martin comes up with next year whether it be more drives or another pop up storefront.

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