Carroll Shelby Tribute & Car Show 2016

Photography by ©2016 Toni Avery

Shelby Car Show 4

The Shelby facility in Gardena, California opened its doors for the fourth year in a row to some of that states best examples of Shelby cars for enthusiasts and gear heads alike to drool over. With the outdoor portion of the show having the ideal background of a large Cobra and Mr. Shelby’s giant signature, every Mustang whether new or old fit right in.

One Grabber Orange car in particular caught my eye; a 1970 Boss 302. I’m not sure if it’s the color scheme, the rear window slats or just the whole package, but this is by far my favorite year and body style Mustang. It may not be the smallest but it sure looks like one of the meanest of the early cars.

Having owned the car since it was about four years old, the owner and kept it garaged ever since. It looked better than when it rolled out of the factory, thanks to the owner’s fairly recent restoration.

Shelby Car Show 1970 Boss 302 front

Shelby Car Show 1970 Boss 302 engine

Shelby Car Show 1970 Boss 302

Inside the facility were even more rare examples including some original cars. There were even a pair of unused original chassis that I can imagine are worth an ungodly amount. I also got to take a peek at what the future Shelby museum would look like right in the very facility we stood in.

It was an overall great gathering of classic and modern Shelby cars. Enjoy the below photo gallery and I hope to see you next year.

Shelby Car Show school car

Shelby Car Show 3

Shelby Car Show drivers desc

Shelby Car Show FordGTs


Shelby Car Show 2

Shelby Car Show

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  1. Hey, Toni… Why not send out an e-mail blast, or a Tweet (or both), so we’ll know when and where you’ll be attending an event, then your fans could meet and share the fun!

    • Nice idea! I actually posted on FB when I got there, but sending out something before then is a good idea 🙂

  2. I was there last year and again this year and this annual event has become something I will look forward to for as long as they host it.
    I’m sure you took many more pictures, do you have a site where one might be able to view them?

    • Hi, thanks for reading. No more images to see than what is here. I have this website as well as, plus all the social media channels to go with them.

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