2016 Ford Focus ST Video Review

Check out my video review of this Tangerine Scream ST:


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3 comments to “2016 Ford Focus ST Video Review”
  1. I must be showing my age, as this body configuration looks to me like a mini- wagon…I guess hot hatch is better for marketing!

  2. ST logo is similar to the impreza and subaru cars has. ST logo i remember.is the ST logo is for sports version car.i love this car review because its sports from exterior and interior,and those pressure and oil gauges also gives it a sporty feeling. and i like the way you review cars,someone like me who has not driven a sports car before can even tell by the review that this car has all one needs in a sports car.its the way your review gives the person all information and only a Car Enthusiast and a Person who has Passion for Driving Cars and Passion for all about cars can have and you are the best at Car Reviews.

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