Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Short Drive (First Glance), Monterey Car Week 2015

Alfa at Laguna 72

The Aston Martin Vanquish Volante isn’t the only exotic car I got behind the wheel of during Monterey Car Week 2015. After reviewing the Coupe version of the 4C I’ve been crazy for this tiny Italian gem. With such an incredible exhaust note, the only thing that could make this car better is the absense of a roof allowing for more exhaust noise inside the cabin. Thanks to the new Spider, this has now been made possible in an even better 4C than I thought possible.

Included are a few shots of my time with the 4C Spider and various iconic locations in and around Monterey, CA. Keep a lookout for the full story with a video and more photos soon!

Alfa Aquarium 72

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