Aston Martin Estate (First Glance), Monterey Car Week 2015

While auctions, car shows and parties are a huge part of the Monterey Car Week, exclusive ride and drives are where automakers are able to share current and future cars with media. This year I was granted access to the very exclusive Aston Martin Estate in Monterey, CA.

Future and current models and even a few concepts were displayed across the stunning mansion. While I would have driven every car on the lot, each person had to choose one vehicle to experience. After much debate, I chose the Vanquish Volante, a stunning convertible Aston with such fine detail and an incredibly angry exhaust note.

I’ll soon be posting a video of my drive plus more photos from around the Estate. For now, enjoy a few photos and keep a lookout for the full story soon!

Toni w Vanquish 72

After my drive in the Vanquish Volante

Overall Aston 72

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