Mothers New Product Review: Clay Bar, Waxes and Polishes

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waxes and polishes lineup

For the final Mothers New Product review article, I’ll go over Mothers Clay Bar, Waxes and Polishes for almost every paint protection need. Whether you’re removing contaminates from your cars paint, keeping up that show car shine, or getting rid of those pesky surface scratches, Mothers has a the perfect product for you.

California Gold Clay Bar:

Clay bar set

For those times when the only parking spot left in under a sappy tree, California Gold Clay Bar works wonders for removing damaging contaminates from your car’s paint. It’s also easy to tell if a clay bar needs to be applied, if the paint feels and sounds rough to the touch. This can happen from a number of things including everyday pollution.

The clay bar set comes with a bottle of Showtime, a clay bar and a towel. Before getting started make sure the paint surface is cool to the touch and in shade or inside a garage. Start by liberally spraying the area of paint that needs attention with Showtime (only work on a small area at a time to always keep the clay bar lubricated with Showtime). Take the clay bar and rub where Showtime was sprayed. Wipe off for a newly restored finish.

Applying a clay bar to the paint should not give the effect of waxing, rather it removes contaminates that waxing simply cannot remove. Depending on the severity of your car’s paint, applying a clay bar to it should remove contaminates with one application. Always remember to wax the area that had a clay bar applied to protect it from further contaminates.

California Gold Synthetic Liquid Wax, California Gold Spray Wax, and California Gold Synthetic Paste Wax:


After clay bar application or just when used as paint protection maintenance, Mothers has a full line of waxes to get the job done. Always wax when the car is cool to the touch and in shade or the garage and only on a clean car.

Each Mothers wax basically has the same end result but the application and time process varies depending on which you use. The California Gold Synthetic Liquid Wax is probably the most commonly used wax application out there. I know I’ve been using liquid wax for years and love the results. Simply apply the wax to a wax pad and then to the paint, and remove with a clean towel.

The California Gold Spray Wax seems to get the job done quicker. As mentioned in the Bucket Washing And More review, Showtime spray gives off a cinnamon aroma, the California Gold Spray Wax gives off a bubble gum aroma. Not having to deal with chemical smelling products is a plus for me.

The California Gold Synthetic Paste Wax comes with a wax pad for easy application. Simply take the provided wax pad and scoop out some of the paste wax for application onto the paint, similar to the liquid wax. Remove with a clean towel.

While each Mothers waxing product offered a different way to get the job done, all had similar if not exact results with a smooth paint finish. Make sure to look down the side of the car obliquely when finished to make sure no wax is left on the paint. If you like in a moist climate, the paint could look streaky after waxing, going over the car with Showtime can help eliminate this.

California Gold Scratch Remover:

Scratch Remover

Paint surface starches are common and unsightly. The inside of the car door handle is a common place as well as a trunk lid or any place where your hand touches the paint.

Pour a little California Gold Scratch Remover onto a towel and rub into the problem area. Polish and remove by using a clean towel. If the scratches are more on the surface you’ll notice a difference with one application. Deeper scratches may take several applications to lessen.

Professional Rubbing Compound and Finishing Polish:

Rubbing Compound and Finishing Polish

Hard water spots are some of the toughest paint imperfections to remove. While waxing doesn’t always do the trick Mothers has a product specifically for the removal of water spots.

Apply a good amount of Professional Rubbing Compound to a wax pad and buff away water spots by hand or if you have an electric buffer, follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. Remove the excess with a clean towel and follow up with Professional Finishing Polish to restore shine and clarity. Finally, apply your favorite Mothers wax product to protect from further paint contamination.

Billet Metal Polish

Billet Metal Polish

Metal accents tend to scratch or tarnish easily. Mothers Billet Metal Polish doesn’t only add a restored shine to metal accents but also removes some surface scratches. Application only requires a small amount on a towel, rubbing into the metal surface and polishing away with a clean towel.

While the Mag & Aluminum Polish is seen in the overall product photo, the vehicle these products were used on did not have a need for it.

Mothers offers a complete line of car care products including those listed above. For more Mothers New Product reviews click here and here. The products used in this review can be found online at the Mothers website or on Amazon.

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