Motor 4 Toys Charity Car Show December 7, 2014

Photography by: ©2014 Toni Avery & Ron Avery

For the past eleven years, Motor 4 Toys has brought out members of the car community helping to bring a little joy into thousands of children’s lives. The event is made possible by the donations of unwrapped toys from generous enthusiasts. Car clubs from around LA and surrounding areas come to show off their prized possessions and to bring happiness to children this Christmas. Along with unwrapped toys, donors are able to provide cash/check donations assisting in the purchase of more toys.

This year, an estimated 2,000+ cars showed up, overflowing the large Woodland Hills, CA parking lot. Everything from Mini Coopers to Lotus Elise and even the ultra-rare Bugatti Veyron came out for the show. Automakers brought some exotic examples of new cars including the Alfa Romeo 4C, Viper TA and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. This turnout has resulted in hopefully more than 43,000 toys (the amount in 2013).

Still looking for a great cause to contribute to this Holiday season? What could be better than providing a child with endless smiles and joy? There is still time to donate! Visit to make a donation.

Until next year, enjoy some photos of incredible cars that came out for Motor 4 Toys

4 comments to “Motor 4 Toys Charity Car Show December 7, 2014”
  1. I may have to get my club (Sidewinder Motor Club) to drive down next year if it doesn’t conflict with a similar show here. A club called The High Desert Road Runners team up with the Marines to put on a Toys for Tot’s car show here in town.

      • Almost every month, on the last Saturday morning (or in the case of this month, this Saturday) our club does a Cars and Coffee type event we call Motorgrounds. A bunch of us get together in the morning, have coffee, talk vehicles and look over one another’s stuff. Almost always turns in to a mini car show.

        In August, because it get’s so hot, we will be doing a night time car show at the local Junior College (Cerro Coso Community College).

        And end of October, beginning of November time frame, we will be hosting a car show on the local Navy base (China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station). It’s during an open house “Community Day” event.

        You are welcome to come to any of these.

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